About Me :        

I am a developer who makes computer CGI and VFX graphics amazing. Besides being an artist, contractor, technical geek, educator, computer scientist, and scholar, I am also an advanced sailor, diver, and jack-of-all-tradesman with skills in shop-craft, engraving, and 3d printing. I design, animate, write, photograph, perform, and code. I am Intellectually curious and creative. I synthesize processes of artistic creativity, experimentation, collaboration, iterative problem-solving, goal-orientation, inspired vision, headstrong tinkering, data-driven methodology, and obsessive passion.

In my contracting studio work, I produce graphic design, illustration, photography, app-development, technical writing, tutorials, and media productions for a broad range of visual communications and media applications. Primarily oriented as a client-centered service, I concentrate on serving the needs for customer’s goals, and help design creative solutions centered around their needs and overall mission. 

As a design contractor, the projects that I have worked on for companies, organizations, and individuals have been varied and diverse.  I aim to ensure that my clients are entirely satisfied with the delivered product(s). No project has ever been identically alike, which is why I highlight my overarching values of integrity, communications, collaboration, and a high quality of work delivered. 

About me: I have been a professional educator and practitioner of the electronic arts and media productions for over two decades. I am an arts generalist as well as a technical specialist toward a wide-range of software and hardware I.T. applications, including: app development, Unity developer, media productions, technical-arts, instructional design, technical-writing, graphic design, 3d modeling, I.T., office applications, research, data analysis, and programming. I have worked as a school teacher, graphic designer, and commercial fisherman. I am also a tradesman who has mechanical skills and experience as a sailor, ceramic artist, boat-restorer, and commercial diver.

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